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    The Center offers companies the opportunity to join a Gas Processing Consortium which serves three important functions:

      a. Help to fund the Center,
      b. Provide technical guidance to the Center's programs.
      c. Serve as a strong link between the Center and industry.

    In return for their annual fees and their support of the Center, member companies receive tangible benefits including:

    • Membership on the Center's Technical Advisory Committee
    • The opportunity to influence and direct the Center's research programs
    • The opportunity to interact with other operating and service companies in the industry
    • Facilitated access to Center staff, faculty and students
    • Access to Center facilities
    • Discounted fees for Center courses
    • Discounted fees to exhibit at the annual Symposium
    • Preprints of Center publications and research reports
    • Access to Center developed software and tools
    • Visibility and publicity as a Consortium member

    Membership Terms

    • GPC is dedicated to run technical training, Symposium and community services 
    • GPC delivers the seminars and events as agreed upon during the consortium members meeting
    • GPC is not obliged to run events annually, since Gasna and GPC Symposium are bi-annual events 
    • The consortium membership fees are non-refundable

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