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    Dr. Mohamed Jaber F. Al-Marri Director, Gas Processing Center
    (+974) 4403-4146
    4403 4371

    Dr Mohammed J. Al-Marri is the director of the Gas Processing Center of Qatar University from 2013. His first degree is in chemical engineering obtained from Qatar University in 1995, his MS degree in chemical engineering was obtained from Texas A& M University in 2000. He holds a PhD in chemical engineering from University of Leeds in 2009. Prior to his current appointment, he served as manager of the industrial relations office in the college of engineering until 2012. Dr. Al-Marri research  interests covers the areas of gas processing, chemical and catalytic processes and water treatment. Dr. Al-Marri has authored and co-authored numerous articles in well-known scientific journals. He participated in a number of high profile conferences.

    Gas Processing Center Staff

    Prof. Muftah El-Naas QAFCO Chair Professor in Chemical Process Engineering
    +974 4403 7695
    +974 4403 4131
    F 103
    CO2 capture and sequestration; biotechnology, water treatment and purification, membrane separation and plasma technology

    Dr. Muftah El-Naas has been recently appointed as the QAFCO Chair Professor at the Gas Processing Center, College of Engineering.  He obtained a B. A. Sc.  in Chemical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada, M. Eng. and PhD in Chemical Engineering from McGill University, Canada. Prof. El-Naas previously served as Chair of the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, Director of the Petroleum Science and Engineering Graduate Program, and Director of Research Funding at the UAE University.  Dr. El-Naas authored more than 130 papers in international journals and conferences, in addition to several book chapters and patent applications. His area of expertise include: CO2 capture and sequestration; biotechnology; water treatment and purification; membrane separation; and plasma technology.  Most of his recent research work focuses on the development of new, environmental-friendly technologies for the Oil and Gas industry. Dr. El-Naas is a member of the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers, a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, a senior member of the Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society and a Fellow of the International Congress of Chemistry and Environment. He is a recipient of several awards, including the UAE University College of Engineering Best Performance Award for Excellence in Scholarship (2008 and 2015) and the Asian Education Leadership Award in Chemical Engineering for two years (2013 and 2014).

    Dr. Mahmoud Mohamad Khader Research Professor
    (+974) 4403-4660
    4403 4371
    Surface science & Catalysis: Carbon dioxide capturing and conversion, using core-shell catalysts for methane oxidation steam reforming and SO2 removal on activated carbon fibers. * Solar energy conversion on: Silicon nanowires (SNW) and Gas
    Dr. Abdelbaki Benamor Assistant Research Professor
    (+974) 4403-4381
    4403 4371
    Carbon Capture
    Dr. Renju Zacharia Assistant Research Professor
    +974 4403 7696
    +974 4403 4131
    Adsorptive storage, separation and purification, methane oxidation, and reformation, catalysts screening and optimization, experimentation, simulation and analytical modeling.

    Renju Zacharia is an assistant research professor at the Gas Processing Center, College of Engineering at the Qatar University, Qatar. Before joining Qatar University, he worked as senior research scientist at the Hydrogen Research Institute (HRI), University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, Canada. He has more than a decade of cross-disciplinary research experience on high surface area nanoporous adsorbents specialized for gas storage, separation and purification technologies. His area of expertise includes screening adsorbents, designing and building state-of-the-art adsorption and breakthrough analysis measurement facilities, measuring and analytical/numerical modeling of adsorption thermodynamics, kinetics and energetics of pure/multi-component real gases, and validating computational adsorption process models.

    Dr. Zacharia received his Ph. D. from Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck Gesellschaft, Germany in 2004 under the guidance of Prof. Gerhard Ertl (Nobel Prize winner 2007, Chemistry).  From 2004 to 2007, Dr. Zacharia led research on hydrogen storage in nanometal-doped porous carbon materials at the Chonbuk National University, South Korea. Since 2007, he has been working at HRI. At HRI, he provides overall leadership to the experimental adsorption team on research “from advanced materials to system prototype development”.  In this grand scheme of rare and unique cascading research paradigm, his specific roles other than the leadership include materials screening, developing large-scale state-of-the-art test systems, measurement and testing adsorptive subscale prototypes and guiding relevant computational process dynamics simulations. At HRI, Dr. Zacharia has implemented several unique state-of-the art measurement systems, such as highly-scalable and versatile gas mixing system and an isotope exchange system.  He also directed the experimental testing of adsorptive subscale prototype tank for next-generation vehicular hydrogen storage systems (for US DOE). He served as lead researcher for a pilot-scale pressure swing adsorption study for biogas purification and hydrogen recovery. He has contributed to the US DOE’s “Recommended Best Practices for Characterizing Engineering Properties of Hydrogen Storage materials”. Presently, he serves as an Assistant Subject Editor of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and Guest editor to Journal of Nanomaterials. He has authored more than 30 peer reviewed articles and a book chapter with a total of over 1000 citations.  He has mentored several undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. students.

    Dr. Walid Ibrahim Hassan Researcher
    (+974) 4403-4385
    4403 4371
    Computational Quantum Chemistry
    Material science, Time-dependent excited state calculations, ultra-fast relaxation process via conical intersection, molecular binding energy & interaction.

    Walid M. I. Hassan, assistance professor in chemistry department faculty of science Cairo University got his PhD in computational quantum chemistry from Tohoku University in 2010 and has published more than 10 articles since then. The growing thirst for energy is undeniable so he is currently working on developing much more efficient solar cell harvester using nanowires technology and time dependant density functional theory. Molecular simulation is a perfect way to understand the well established experimental results as well as provoking new experiments that either haven't been done yet or even yet untouchable from experimental point of view.

    Eng. Ahmed Gomaa Talkhan Research Assistant
    4403 4386
    4403 4371
    Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Soliman Analytical Chemist
    (+974) 4403-4383
    4403 4371
    More than 19 years’ experience in laboratory quality control activities in refining, LNG, petrochemical labs. preparation of scope of work & technical specifications, bid analysis, review of purchase requests, instrument  troubleshooting, Pilot Plant study (FAT) & investigation, lab personnel management, testing and commissioning of analytical instrument also provided technical information and support to professors and staff who are conducting research in the GPC . worked in the office of quality management as Quality Coordinator for ISO 17025 accreditation. Monitor and maintain a safe working environment in compliance with Health and Safety procedures.
    Dr. Ibnelwaleed Ali Hussein Upstream Research Professor
    (+974) 4403-7694
    (+974) 4403-4371
    Polymer, EOR, water control

    Dr. Ibnelwaleed Ali Hussein is an Upstream Research Professor at the Gas Processing Center. He was a former Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at KFUPM. He was also a former Assistant Director of the Center of Research Excellence in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals at KFUPM. Dr. Hussein obtained his PhD from the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department at University of Alberta, Canada in 1999. The title of his PhD thesis was “Molecular Order, Miscibility, and Rheology of Molten Polyethylenes”. His PhD Thesis won the Canadian Society of Rheology Graduate Student Award for the year 1999. He joined KFUPM in January 2000. His specialization is in the areas of Polymers, Rheology, and Thermal Analysis with specific interest in structure-property relationships with focus on polymer-polymer miscibility, and rheology of multiphase systems. Through his academic life, Dr. Hussein received many Awards, Scholarships, Prizes and Nominations at University of Khartoum, Sudan and University of Alberta, Canada. Dr. Hussein is actively involved in research in the area of polymers with more than 110 refereed journal papers and many conference publications. Dr. Hussein received “KFUPM Distinguished Research Award” in 2005, 2010 and 2015. Dr. Hussein is the Chemical Engineering Editor of the Arabian Journal for Science. His work experience includes four years in the oil industry in Sudan, two years (1992-94) at KFUPM as a lecturer, and about one year at University of Alberta as postdoctoral fellow. This in addition to about 16 years of teaching as a Professor at KFUPM. His current research interests include Rheology of Complex fluids, enhanced oil recovery, water control in oil and gas reservoirs, stimulation and scale removal. More information about his publications are available through these links.

    Prof. Simon Judd Research Professor
    Process Water and Waste water treatment

    Simon Judd occupies the Maersk Oil Professorial Chair in Environmental Engineering at the Gas Processing Center, Qatar University. He was  Professor in Membrane Technology at the Cranfield Water Science Institute at Cranfield University for 24 years. He has over 26 years’ post-doctorate experience in academic and industrial research and development incorporating all aspects of water and wastewater treatment technology, with an extensive network of contacts within the water industry both nationally and internationally from procuring and/or managing a number of large collaborative R&D programmes. Prof. Judd has managed many other research projects which have primarily been based on membrane technology, successfully supervising 30 research student programmes (22 at doctorate level). He has published extensively in the peer-reviewed research literature, with over 170 publications and an h index of 39 according to SCOPUS and 50 on Google Scholar (as at September 2016). Professor Judd has (co-)authored five textbooks in membrane and MBR technology and two in general water/wastewater treatment technology. He has provided keynote presentations at many international conferences as well as consultancy to clients based across Europe, America, the Middle East and Far East. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Associate Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

    Dr. Mustafa Saleh Nasser Assistant Research Professor
    (+974) 4403-4380
    4403 4371
    Rheology of Complex fluids, Colloids and Interfaces, Water Treatment
    Rheology of Complex fluids: I am interested in the characterisation of the properties of complex fluids such as colloidal dispersions, polymers, polyelectrolytes, emulsions, viscoelastic surfactant and bio-surfactants.  Waste water treatment: I am interested in the treatment of industrial wastewater treatments. My current focus is the treatment of the produced water form oil and gas production 


    Dr. Mohamed Shibl Researcher
    (+974) 4403-4698
    4403 4371
    Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    Designing laser pulses to control chemical reactions and studying geometrical and dynamical changes of hydrogen bonded molecules.
    Dr. Shibl received his Ph.D. from the department of theoretical chemistry at Free University Berlin where he did his first postdoctoral research. He finished his second postdoctoral research at Texas A&M University at Qatar. He visited many highly ranked Universities. He is currently an adjunct research scientist in Material Science and Engineering at Cornell University.   He is interested in designing laser pulses to control chemical reactions and studying geometrical and dynamical changes of hydrogen bonded molecules. Furthermore, his interest in molecular simulation enables him to simulate, explain or predict: carbon dioxide capture and sequestration, hydrate formation in gas pipelines, corrosion problems, membrane/micelle formation, protein folding and biomolecular associations, chemical reactions and enzyme catalysis, photochemical reactions and electron transfer, absorption of gas molecules in ionic liquids and other solvents (e.g. Selexol), adsorption of gas molecules in microporous materials such as zeolites and Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)…etc.
    Dr. Ali Sardar Researcher
    (+974) 4403-4660
    4403 4371
    Eng. Ahmed Gamal Research Assistant
    (+974) 4403-4660
    4403 4371
    Mr. Mohamed Nafez Sheldan Training Coordinator
    (+974) 4403-5805
    (+974) 4403 4371

    Mohamed Sheldan is a training Specialist at the GPC. He graduated from the Business College, Qatar University (Class 2011). As a Bachelor student in Management and Marketing, he worked as an events coordinator in the British Council from 2012 to 2013 where he was coordinating cultural and educational events. He then worked for Qatar University as a Financial Coordinator in the Finance Department. A year after, he shifted to the GPC as a training specialist to coordinate between global trainers in the oil and gas industry, specialized in the areas of gas processing, drilling, safety, catalyst and any other related topics required by the national oil and gas companies to fulfill the center social goals of providing the industrial partners with the recent technologies in the gas and oil industry.

    Gas Processing Center

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