Produced Water
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    Last modified: October 03, 2017 09:18:51.

    Water security has been identified as one of the priority challenges for Qatar vision 2030. Produced water (PW) is the largest waste stream generated in oil and gas industries. The key challenges facing the gas industry in Qatar is to reduce produced water (PW) volumes injected in disposal wells by a target of 50% to ensure long term reservoir sustainability. The GPC will contribute to meeting this challenge by developing novel treatment methods to achieve a zero harmful discharge in oil and gas production and to enable cost-effective reuse of produced water (PW) generated during the field operations. In the GPC, our ultimate goal is to acquire further knowledge and technology  that can can allow economical treatment of PW for agriculture, industry, and other uses and to be in line with the Qatari national vision 2030. PW contains a mixture of different organic and inorganic components. Discharging produced water will pollute surface and underground water and soil. In desert regions like the Middle East (including Qatar), where fresh water is scarce and costly, it may be economically feasible to re-use the PW for both domestic and agriculture purposes.

    Currently the GPC , singed agreement with SNF FLOERGER, INC, France, the leading company in polymers and polyelectrolytes production, to develop cost effective polymer for produce water demulsification. The feasibility of the use of such polymer in PW treatment using hybrid system will be investigated. The treated water from the proposed hybrid system is expected to be suitable for domestic purposes.   

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