Mechanical & Imaging Testing
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    Last modified: February 21, 2015 00:29:13.

    1. Infrared (IR) camera (FLIR ) for infrared camera for thermal mapping.

    2. High–speed camera system for fast movements and play them back in slow motion.  
    3. Hydraulic Pressure Testing System (Resato).  
    4. For Measurement of pressure and elongation of pipes by fluid or oil pressure .  
    5. Drivetrain Prognostics Simulator (DPS For simulation of industrial drivetrain for diagnostics and prognostics research).  
    6. Particle image velocimeter (PIV) system (For Measures fluid flow using laser imaging).  
    7. Laser vibrometer. For measure the vibration of objects non-intrusively using laser Doppler technology.  

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